Air Transportation

The next major step in transportation will utilize personal air transportation with air and hover cars, utilizing electrical power. Farther in the future, we expect to be doing interplanetary travel, and needing to integrate communities, not only with this planet, but others. So, aerospace will not only be a part of city planning, but also a part of the business model, staying on the cutting edge of mining on other planets at early stages of pioneering.

Since we are approaching things with a long term perspective, we will design collaborative communities and smart cities to be the first to utilize personal air traffic, instead of fossil fuel ground transport. We will provide public ground transport that is quick and efficient, minimizing the need for gasoline guzzling cars which pollute the environment and injure millions of people each year. This will also reduce energy dependence, minimize the impact on the environment, enabling us to build beautiful communities which emphasize the aesthetics of nature, and stop destroying natural resources that are not renewable.

Flying cars … now THAT’S cool … :)

… and space travel … even cooler … ;)

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