Renewable Resources

Food is a renewable resource, but it requires water to succeed, and there is not an unlimited supply of water. We need to manage our water well, to keep creating renewable resources. Water can also be used to develop renewable energy resources, such as algae production, biofuel, dams, and hydrogen. Oil is certainly the cheapest form of energy currently, but it is not renewable.

For mankind to be successful in managing our planet for the long term, and for us to manage our planet so that all men have what they need, collaborative global strategies need to be developed and maintained.

There are huge dead zones and trash vortexes in our oceans, where trash and plastic concentrations cover up to an estimated 5.8 million square miles, destroying life in and below it. If we don’t find solutions to not only cleaning it up, but also reducing the underlying cause of the problem, the tipping point could be catastrophic. Waste management is a very important part of renewable resources. What seems like an impossible task, and one no one even wants to report, can be solved by global collaboration. We can actually work together on a global scale to solve problems we’ve never been able to before. We must utilize new technologies and collaboration methodologies to accomplish amazing good.

Energy is a huge issue for our future, since oil is not a renewable resource. We must come up with renewable resources, such as algae biofuel, as long as we manage our water wisely. There are new ways to develop electricity that would be very effective in reducing our cost of energy, without using up permanent resources.

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