Smart Cities – Sustainability

Sustainability is the balance of individuals, society and the planet doing well, all at the same time. It means leaving the planet a better place because you have lived well. Your measuring stick of success isn’t wealth, but how you’ve impacted the good of the planet so its a better place for all, and for your children and children’s children.

It requires the success, profit and growth of society, economy and the environment, doing well, without robbing the future to do it.

If you do extremely well in the economy, you can easily destroy the environment. If you over-regulate for the environment, you can choke the economy. You want the economy to grow, but you don’t want to destroy the health of society. Industry, business, governance, health and wealth, nature and quality of life all must be balanced in symbiosis, to where the current success you put into motion positions the following generations with greater success.

Millennia seeks to look ahead a thousand years, then look back at what we do today, choosing to implement the technologies, systems, processes, collaborative communities and management of resources together in a way we would wish we had, for today and the future.

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