Healthy Living

There are a lot of support systems which determine our physical, emotional, spiritual and financial health.

Physical health is highly impacted by toxins, which we take in through our water, food, air, energy, and materials we live in. Our water delivers hormones, medications, heavy metals and chemicals which adversely affect us. The standard piping used by most cities causes water molecules to become larger than the cells they are meant to hydrate, resulting in dehydration by almost 80% of our population. In order for us to have convenient variety and food with no bug bites, agriculture picks fruit and vegetables before they have ripened and become nutritious, sprayed them with preservatives and pesticides, so that the food we eat requires overeating in order to feed us, leading a majority of Americans to be overweight. The accumulation of these chemicals lead to weakening our immune systems and getting serious diseases. Thousands of heavy metal dumping sites by our government often are next to people who never know they are being poisoned. Air pollution from cars and industry toxify us. Glues and chemicals in our synthetic building materials and molds poison people as they sleep.

We need different designs for communities and cities with sustained agriculture and industrial symbiosis, where we can live unpolluted, eating and drinking nutritious and clean food and water. We need to design our urban areas to be healthy in every facet, working with industry to utilize conscience and interdependence that provides jobs and a healthy environment for all.

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