Eden Principles

We are in awe of nature and its profound beauty, and believe it could only have this type of complexity and order through intelligent design. As we study the planet, we see principles that guided its origin, the principles of systems, processes, life, art, and beauty. These go beyond religion to understanding the way things are and why.

There is symbiosis, a success that is obtained without destroying others, reproduction and balance, where nature and mankind do need to be managed, so everyone mutually succeeds. Not utopia, but connection, collaboration and cooperation, growing together for the good of all, not greed, where only few succeed.

The law of entropy states that order naturally degrades to disorder. Unless there is intentional design and direction, it won’t just happen by itself. There is a choice to do things differently. But, if people do choose to do good, what systems are designed to facilitate that choice? What tools are available that lead to that success? What knowledge do we build on, where we build upon each other’s success? Millennia is intentionally looking for those principles and solutions, researching how to fulfill the original intention of the planet’s designer and vision, discovering new ways “that work,” not just “pie in the sky.” Looking ahead a thousand years, what would we wish we had figured out, where we grew up as a species, and learned how to live well together, so the world is a much better place going forward.

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