Thousand Year Thinking

Our society has become a Google searched, minute news cycle, instant gratification way of life, reacting to immediate need, while losing the powerful perspective of time. Looking back a year … or a decade, a generation, a family, a lifetime … what would you do different? Is the world a better place because you lived?

Yes, we must be relevant and current, and address current issues. But, so many longer lasting things aren’t done, because they take steps, patience, resources, perspective, and a global think, not just about ourselves, but the rest of the planet.

We build things with the planned obsolescence of the loan term, and now have mountains of trash across the world, creating dead zones in our oceans, oblivious to the collective destructiveness of our way of life.

We wonder why many of the “Millennial” generation face a lack of hope, where for the first time in many decades, their parents are handing them a world that is worse than when they got it.

But, we can grow up as a species, and change that … managing our world well. It will require changing the way we think. We can build families, businesses, renewable resources, communities, cities, countries, global collaborative networks, with wisdom and knowledge that builds upon itself to get better and better for thousands of years.

If we could look a thousand years ahead, what would we wish we had done today?

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