“Bottom-up” vs “Top-Down”

As you study ancient history, you find organizational structures that are designed for various purposes, some for control and others to empower.

The first known implementation of “Top-Down” pyramid organizational structure was by Nimrod at the Tower of Babel. He then applied it to religion, then to a Kingdom form of government, which became the first world power, centered in Babylon. It collected the power, profit and health of those underneath, enabling the person or group at the top to wield tremendous power, while promising protection and sometimes provision for those under its rule. A majority of organizational structures utilize this approach today, and incorporate that concept into all processes, which have then been automated into technology. Now, its “the way its done.”

Jesus called for a different way of doing things. He was known for teaching the power of love, but also that leaders should choose to be servants, not authoritarian tyrants. He setup a church structure, which was “bottom-up,” where everyone was supposed to develop their skills and gifts, and use them to empower everyone else, where everyone wins, utilizing the collective power of collaboration for mutual success, although not often practiced today.

It is our intent to develop processes, technologies, support systems and organizational structures that utilize this core Bottom-Up empowering collaborative concept.

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