Millennia Mining

Millennia has gold mines in Utah, two of which are open pit mines with over 20 years of production history. Millennia has acquired the rights and claims to open more than a hundred mines over the next few years. With an investment of $5 million per start up operation, within 6 months, Millennia believes that each mine can produce more than $1 million a week.

The Drum Mine has 11 tailing piles of over 3 million tons of ore above ground, which we believe has more than a billion in gold ready to be crushed, separated, processed and refined. The hardest part is already done, digging it out of the ground, and separating the dirt from the precious metal bearing ore. The two open pit mines are less than half dug, but will re-open after we harvest the tailing piles. These mines previously utilized a cheap spray leaching method, which pulled out only 7% of the gold from the leach pads. The detailed mining records show more than 160,000 oz. taken out, with thousands of assays and many drilling reports for verification of many other precious metals as well, including silver.

The crushing process mills the ore to 1 to 3 microns, at over 200 tons per hour, allowing us to pull the micro gold out from other precious metals, process and refine it. We have a good relationship with a major refinery that has been refining for over 100 years for the final step. Gold’s unique physical properties, its luster, easy workability, and virtual indestructability have given it a special place in the history of the world. Over centuries, gold has been prized for its rarity and beauty, and thousands of years ago became a medium of coinage, eventually becoming the formalized basis of economic life. Gold continues to adorn us, is used as an industrial metal in electronics, dentistry, medicine, aerospace and as an investment vehicle in the form of bars and coins.

The supply of gold is limited by nature itself. Thousands of pounds or ore are required to produce just one precious ounce. Gold is so scarce that all the gold that has ever been mined (approximately 135,000 metric tons) would fit into a cube measuring just 20 yards on each side. As we do mining, we will create jobs and wealth for the region, and fund empowering projects.

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