Environmental Restoration

Instead of building a home or community that has to be remodeled over and over, why not develop construction materials that last a thousand years, yet make it modular and upgradable in design, with a view to what things will become hundreds or thousands of years into the future.

When there is mining of natural resources, why not remediate overburden and provide agriculture to new areas, utilize ore for concrete materials such as log cabins, or add new polymers that create beautiful stone construction materials that provide ancient beauty, or utilize gypsum for nano-construction materials that are lighter but stronger than steel, materials that last hundreds and thousands of years.

When creating communities, we can utilize water effectively, forestation to formerly barren areas, and bring nature to the forefront of the beauty and landscape of an area, increasing the quality of life for everyone. This requires a collaboration of urban and industry to function in conscious symbiosis with nature.

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