Healing Clinics

A certain amount of the profits go to developing health clinics in collaborative communities and Native American nations. These are not meant to replace emergency rooms in hospitals, which we certainly need. Health clinics are meant to provide education, testing, research, nutrition, and to empower people to empower their own bodies to successfully prevent or overcome disease through nutrition and other non-invasive procedures. The human body is amazing, and people should manage their bodies well, allowing their bodies to do what they are supposed to do. A clinic will teach people how to live a healthy life, and support them in that objective.

Much of modern medicine treats the symptoms instead of the underlying causes and treats you with medicine, instead of helping you overcome or prevent a disease. That’s why they call it Medicine. They give you medicine. That’s like having the oil light come on in your car, and cutting the wires so the warning light doesn’t come on anymore, and then, unfortunately, your motor freezes up. We don’t believe in giving people pharmaceutical medicine, which is defined as sub-lethal doses of toxic chemicals. In the US alone, drug companies have revenues of over 100 billion, and make huge endowments to medical schools and influence politics to their advantage. This has become a repeat business that is marginalizing many people’s health.

Unfortunately, the natural path of health care can become confusing, since the mainstream is saying one thing, quacks are saying others, and most people can’t tell what works and is effective, and sometimes end up in harm, due to that lack of understanding. It is our intention to research, test, and find best practices that do no harm, then make them available in health clinics.

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