Artistic Beauty

When we discuss smart cities with air travel, most people imagine a Jetsons futuristic world of glass and steel high rise buildings and billboards, with air cars buzzing around like bees.

As we design collaborative communities and smart cities, we believe it is important to incorporate ancient beauty, with beautiful colors and textures, emphasizing the beauty of nature, utilizing quality building materials that last for hundreds and thousands of year, but able to be customized modular. Think Tuscany, the Mediterranean, the countryside of France, the islands of Greece, or even ski villages and resorts. Unique golden cities on a hill that stun you with their classic beauty and elegance not only from afar, but celebrating the local cultures and materials in quality of life and space.

Yes, we will utilize smart glass and nano-tube materials, concrete polymers which can look like any kind of stone, but lighter and more insulative. Yes, we will incorporate technology at every level that empowers people to do things easier and quicker. But, we want to create communities that are stunning in their beauty and quality of life, pulling in nature and agriculture so it is symbiotic and providing good food, water and energy for all.



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