Our Management Team

Stephen Martindale   STEPHEN MARTINDALE

Stephen Martindale has invented many high performance technologies for Fortune 500 companies, the military and government. His speciality has been in optimizing knowledge management, improving profit and profitability. He’s now focusing on smart cities and mining.
Panos-Gianneotis   PANOS GIANNEOTIS
Panos has vast experience in exploration, operations, management, water rights, and permitting in North America. Once the largest wholesaler of mining claims in the United States, he has managed over 2500 mining claims.
  Bill-Bowers   Bill Bowers

Bill Bowers is a former Chief Technology Architect for the CIA. Bill also co-founded and served as the Chief Technology Officer until 2000 for the publicly traded Internet company, Crosswalk.com. From 2001 until 2014, Bill served as the Chief Executive Officer for Vertical Symmetry, which provided software and product development consulting services focused on counter terrorism.
Stephen Martindale   GEORGE MILLER

George Miller served as VP at both IBM and Oracle. He also designed and implemented the first top-secret web infrastructure for the secure dissemination of intelligence products throughout the European theater, managed a major mainframe to client server migration, and identified and remediated significant security vulnerabilities in new client server and storage solution deployments.
  Buck-Valle   BUCK VAILE

Buck Vaile obtained his law degree at Ohio State and has taken a case to the US Supreme Court and won, changing the law in 49 states.  He and his wife also began and ran Manex Entertainment which developed the cutting edge special effects for the Matrix movies and many others.
Scott Davis   SCOT DAVIS

Scot Davis has over 30 years experience in mining, drilling, heavy industrial/enviro construction and development, working for Getty, Amoco, Alcoa, McKeeson, Goldfields and Getty mining companies.

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