The Millennia Mission

The power of global collaboration to accomplish amazing good … is finally here.

Utilizing the convergence of technology, Millennia seeks to equip and empower everyone to embrace how they were uniquely created, step into that fully, living in abundance, to the glory of God, for the benefit of all mankind, so that looking back a thousand years from now, we know we did the most to make the world a better place to love and live, at this unique time in history.

We are coming into a time where we have incredible power for many to work together efficiently to take on world changing things. Challenges that usually require governments or armies can now be achieved by millions and billions working in technical syncronicity toward single objectives. Things like eliminating pollution, toxicity, debt, hunger, crime and war. Why when we have so much food are people hungry? Whey when there is so much wealth are so many poor? Why when people have freedom do they become dependent?

When a few can keep the majority poor, unhealthy and dependent, they get rich and powerful, but everyone else becomes sheep and are manageable. When someone is just trying to put food on the table for his family, he doesn’t have the energy or desire to help his neighbor, give to those who need empowerment, create inventions, build great things, lead as statesmen, and live for a greater purpose than ourselves and survival.

Its time to change this, without handing our power to another codependent authority making empty promises of entitlement. Together, we can grow up as a species.

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