Natural Resources

We see natural resources as “God’s currency.”  Water, food, land, trees, precious metals, energy, building materials, animals, and the air we breathe, all are essential components to man’s success. How we profit from them, multiply them, and manage them determine much of our health and wealth.

As we do mining, we will create jobs and wealth for the region, but also use what we dig out to be utilized in concrete polymer materials that imitate beautiful stones, terra cotta, adobe, logs, and stucco that last for hundreds of years, are better insulated, customizable, yet lighter and easier to utilize. We will create underground greenhouses, malls, offices, housing and waterways that embrace the local environmental beauty and culture, not just minimizing the affect on nature, but increasing it profusely. We want the latest in future technologies, while embracing ancient beauty.

Water will become more valuable than gold in the future, and it is of utmost importance to provide it in abundance to the community and agriculture, turning barren areas into lush green and utilize remediated soils for local organic produce and livestock. We will seek to find the balance of economic, social and environmental symbiosis and progress, for now and far into the future.

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