Smart Cities – Sufficiency

We believe that collaborative communities and smart cities should be able to be self-sustaining, irregardless of how energy, power, food, water, waste management, technology, communications, banking and other support systems are functioning anywhere else. That doesn’t mean we would not utilize national or global systems, but there would be a high value for safety, irregardless of what happens in other parts of our country and world.

We believe there should be industry and jobs that are symbiotic with the urban areas we participate with, so that local resources are utilized for the benefit of others providing profits, but provided first for the local communities.

That means having separate power plants, local food and water, direct connections to satellites and local banking, but it also means understanding the power of natural resources to create jobs and local wealth. It means attracting key industries in technology, smart glass, aerospace, arts and entertainment, education, medical, security and anything that is needed by that community.

It means being able to be sufficient on our own, irregardless of what happens everywhere else.

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