“Win-Win” vs “Win-Lose”

In our society, we grow up constantly taught that there is a winner and loser in every situation, whether in sports, business, politics, relationships, war, success, even relationships. Competition has been bred into us since childhood, not just to be our best, but to be the best, no matter who we step on to get there, with the end justifying the means.

This certainly works in a top down pyramid controlled system … for those at the top. But it is highly inefficient, unprofitable, slow growth and little momentum. With so few winning, and most losing, people are all the time working against one another, trying to get out of a deal, rather than in collaboration and building upon each other’s efforts. Everyone is re-inventing the wheel, repeating what the other is doing.

But when collaboration and planned coordination occurs, where everyone wins, much more work, profit, momentum and success are achieved.  There is synergy. When a business deal enables each person to succeed, everyone is loyal to it, rather than working to get out of it, since they don’t want to lose that success. This is true with everything in life, when whatever task or relationship is developed, results in win-win, more is accomplished.

We are developing collaborative networks, new business models and new communities, where the profit, power and health for everyone is increased, to empower thriving, not surviving.

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